Directing is something that has pursued me.  Projects find me and if there is something that hooks me about a script  or an idea, then I say yes. It takes something pretty specific but not always obvious for me to jump on board.  My directing projects always teach me so much and they inform my acting and my writing, plus they connect me to highly creative and intelligent artists. 

 I think actors are some of the smartest people that I know. I love exploring with them and the creative team to find the storytelling of a play.  I come to a piece with ideas and a vision but I am open to how it actually unfolds.  I like to approach a piece with a sense of wonder and curiosity to figure out the best way to share the piece with an audience.

Recently, I heard an actor explaining to another actor what it was like to work with me and it was so enlightening.  I asked other actors that I have worked with and admire to talk about their experience working with me and posted what they said to give further insight into my process.  I’ve also included reviews to provide  a bigger picture of who I am as a director. 


SLUT, The Play (SOPAC, NJ) May 2017 
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A Burial Place, Dorothy Strelsin Theater, Nov. 2016
Broadway World Review

 New York Theatre Guide quote by Tommy Partl “…Director Joey Brenneman does an exceptional job of creating a casual, natural atmosphere at the beginning of the play, and then, gradually, ramping up the tension until a moment of climax…It’s a play where you don’t know what is ever coming next, but it results in a satisfying conclusion that ruminates on friendship, loss, and growing older and apart.”


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Winner - Fringe Overall  Excellence Award for Best Ensemble

"Sometimes, you come across a show so spectacular, so clever and innovative that you're amazed it isn't on Broadway already. Vestments of the Gods is that show."

"Splendidly directed by Joey Brenneman, Vestments of the Gods is a show that almost feels too good not to be already playing at least off-Broadway. Its ideas are bold, its execution is precise and beautifully cruel at times and the performances are masterful."

"Smoothly directed by Joey Brenneman... all the actors are excellent. Vestments of the Gods is a very polished and strong offering in the Fringe Festival."

"The production transcends the script’s weaknesses, thanks to Joey Brenneman’s savvy and sensitive direction, and a truly excellent ensemble.”

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