Actor/Playwright Testimonials

"Joey is one of those exemplary directors who is able to communicate her vision simply and effectively. In one sentence she can enlighten an entire objective for an actor and provide the road map they'll need to bring in their strongest work. She isn't shy about her own authority, and demands everyone's A-game. She is always kind and makes the entire process a bastion for creativity and joy."    

- Perri Yaniv

"Working with Joey is an incredible joy! I was lucky enough to be directed by her in Vestments of the Gods at FringeNY. She creates such a safe and sacred place to explore the text.  She leads her company with amazing vision that inspires creativity amongst the cast.  Joey is also one of the nicest, most supportive people I have ever met! I can’t say enough good things about this wonderful woman!!"

- Megan Mekjian

"Joey is a true collaborator, an amazing director and a ceaselessly wonderful human being. Her dedication and insight are all you could wish for in a director. Joey brings stories to life with humanity, honesty and grace. She makes everyone around her feel respected and valued so they are free to do their best work. She is truly remarkable.”

- Owen Panettieri, Playwright
"The Timing of a Day," "Vestments of the Gods”

"Working with Joey was like taking a sip of a fresh, warm, sweet, energizing latte on a tired Monday morning!  She provided a comforting energy every single day, and her warm, creative soul allowed us all to open our minds and our hearts to really dive into the story and our characters.  Joey brings joy and open-heartedness wherever she goes, and she has a genuine, brilliant eye for direction and collaboration.  One of my favorite directors, by far.  I can't wait to work with her again!” 

- Andreas  Wyder

“Five minutes before curtain I would run up to Joey and say ‘Tell me again,' to which she would respond: ‘Ride the wave and don’t apologize.' Joey has the ability to recognize each actors process and always encouraged the cast of ‘Vestments’ to keep exploring and finding new things, even during performances. Her insight often leads to exciting character discoveries, and she has a way of grounding and strengthening those discoveries in the world of the play.”

- Erica Diaz

"I was lucky to work with Joey for my first project in NYC. During this experience, I found that not only is she a kind and generous person, but she brings a strong vision into rehearsal and is very receptive to input from the actors. Joey's rehearsal room is an accepting, open environment that nurtures creativity and cast trust and bonding. It is truly a joy to work with her." 

 - Lauren Alice Smith

"What a joy to be directed by someone who is as curious and inspired by her art as she is by the actors she is directing! Joey's dedication knows no bounds nor does her enthusiasm. All actors desire to tell the truth in their acting and that requires trust. Trust in themselves but also trust in their directors. From the first rehearsal I felt incredibly supported by Joey and felt safe and free to delve deeper and to push myself farther. I have worked with Joey twice and I wish all actors the great fortune of working with a director like Joey Brenneman!

- Nik Kourtis

Elyssa Renee Ramirez

"Working with Joey was an absolute treat. The freedom she gave us as actors to live in the world that she created made for one of the most liberating performances I've experienced. She is an open and honest director, and knows how to get what she wants fro her actors, while respecting their choices. Any actor would be lucky to work with and learn from Joey.”

- Elyssa Ramirez

"Working with Joey was one of most rewarding experiences of my career. Her energy is contagious and she really knows how to build a strong ensemble. Her smart direction helped me to do great work.”

- Anni Weisband 

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