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Better Left Unsaid (c. 2011) 4W 4M
Produced in 2011 in NYC as the first-of its kind, live-streamed play.
Directed by Joey Brenneman

A complex roadmap of a play that begins in Central Park on a strangely warm, foggy day in November.  We follow eight characters as their paths twist and turn in unexpected ways. Better Left Unsaid is a story about how our lives are affected by the things we choose to withhold from the people we love. Sometimes the same secret that protects one person damages another.

Ex-lovers Carla and Scott run into each other in Central Park.  As this chance meeting re-kindles the flame in their relationship, they stumble upon a secret that affects Carla’s sister, Luisa, and Scott’s best friend, Lennie, both of whom are already dealing with personal betrayal: Lennie, by the lie her mother told her about her father’s identity, and Luisa, by the discovery of her husband’s affair. 

 If Carla and Scott share their secret, their families could be destroyed. If they don’t share it, then their own relationship is forever scarred.  To tell or not to tell, that is the question.  Are some things truly better left unsaid?

Fast Break (c. 2000) 6W
Workshopped as part of Women Center Stage at The Culture Project, NYC
Directed by Nancy Robillard

 In the middle of a psychotic break, college-aged Macy appears at the doorstep of her older sister Emma, a tech industry power-player who is in mid-breakup with her girlfriend, Daphne.  Emma is slow to realize what is happening, but with the help of their other sister Jade, she manages to get Macy into care in a psych ward in New York City.

As the play progresses, both Emma and Macy lose touch with reality - Macy through her mania and Emma through her fast-paced lifestyle and addiction to technology and social media.

Fast Break is an ensemble play for 6 ethnically diverse women spanning the ages of 19-65.  In addition to their primary characters, each actor also plays a psych ward patient who is their primary character’s polar opposite.The play juxtaposes the frenzy of Macy’s illness with the obsessive preoccupation of our always-connected modern life.


An Uninterrupted Thought  An ensemble play for 7 actors
(currently in workshop)

An Uninterrupted Thought is divided into 4 sections where all of the actors play different characters in stories that unfold from the past, present and future.  The dialogue and stories are all interwoven, expressing the idea of multiple realities happening at the same time. It plays with the idea of death and life as one uninterrupted path and it follows the travel of the soul as it reincarnates from one character to the next seamlessly trying to grow and evolve in each lifetime.


Sturdy (c. 2016) 1W 2 M
First reading at Playwright’s Gallery Salon Series, Feb. 2016

 Partially blind and recovering from a stroke, Mick hires Olivia to help him deal with his cluttered disaster of an apartment in search of a much-needed inheritance check. After an awkward meeting they eventually form a unique friendship, finding moments of lightness and humor in the middle of the disgusting task, and interacting with Mick’s odd assortment of friends.

 But complications arise as Olivia learns the true depths of Mick’s problems, triggering her own downward spiral and forcing her to choose between helping her dear friend or saving herself.


End Of Play(c. 2011) 2W 3M

End Of Play takes place both in the present and twenty-five years ago, in and around a secret stairway backstage at a Broadway theater.

 Though married to other people, Roz and Jerry work together as a famous Broadway stage couple, more focused on their craft and careers than on their respective children. Nina and Evan grow up together, damaged by their narcissistic parents, and as teenagers, they discover a family secret that burdens their relationship and forces them apart.

 As adults, they turn to each other for healing. But when Evan agrees to adapt Roz's autobiography for the movies, an unexpected chain of events is set off that will shock the foundation of their relationship.

 End Of Play deals with themes of identity, trust, denial and of course, love.


Of Loss and Grace (c. 2007) 3W 1M
Produced by Fleetworks at Theater Five in New York City.
Directed by Donna Jean Fogel

(Synopsis coming soon)

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